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Kitchen Design Trends

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Designing a new kitchen involves more than selecting countertops and appliances. How the kitchen fits and functions within the entire home, as well as the impact of technology and sustainability options, are as integral to a successful design as selecting an appropriate color palette. To assist your planning, we've gathered information on the latest trends.

Cabinet Color Trends


Traveling beyond the particular shade of hue most sought after at the moment, cabinet color options are a true reflection of the feelings people are seeking from their homes, based on what is happening around them, and the way they want to live now and into the future.

Bring Nature Into Your Home


Are you craving a nurturing environment? Discover how to connect your interior spaces to the natural world. Read the Biophilic Trends article on MasterBrand's Design Blog to learn more.

Purposeful Design


The decision of homeowners choosing to stay in their homes longer rather than sell is driving a shift in cabinetry design trends to reflect kitchens and baths designed with purpose, classic style, and overall function at the forefront. Today's cabinets not only offer unique designability, but they are fulfilling homeowners' aspirations for more storage, better organization, and ease of use.

Horizontal Orientation Cabinetry

Marquis Maple Seaworthy cabinets in a horizontal orientation

Horizontal orientation cabinetry is steadily growing in popularity. There is less need to stack cabinets vertically toward the ceiling with the option of base cabinets that have widths of 36 inches. The horizontal designability provides easier access to reach items anywhere inside the cabinet. With the flexibility to add easy access drawers and organizational inserts to these base cabinets, a cohesive horizontal appearance can be achieved while simply keeping clutter contained.

Functional Use Areas

Utility cabinet at the end of a run of kitchen cabinets

To create functional use areas, homeowners are clustering cabinets together. For example, an ardent baker has the flexibility to create a baking hub in the kitchen that includes a counter work surface, along with storage cabinets for cookbooks, baking pans, and pantry items. Additionally, a homeowner has the ability to create an ironing area in a laundry room through the use of a utility cabinet to store the ironing board, iron and spray bottles, while still leaving room for storage of laundry or cleaning supplies.

Clean Lines and Subtle Design

Roslyn Alder kitchen cabinets with clean lines and a subtle design

To ensure design flexibility to outlast a fad, cabinet door styles are becoming simpler, using clean crafted lines. Because of this trend, modern cabinetry is an ever-growing choice in homes today.

Transitional Styling

Harmony kitchen that transitions into the living space

As homeowners continue to gravitate toward open floor plans, a need for cabinetry designs with a transitional design to flow from room to room is imperative. Create an eye-catching transition in a multipurpose space by using cabinetry with complementary colors and designs. Perfect for transitioning from a kitchen to a family room or a large bath to an adjact dressing room.

Timeless Design Motifs

Davenport Maple Angora bathroom cabinets with timeless design elements

Classic and timeless, Art Deco design, first popular in the 1920s, is still at the forefront of desires for today's fashionable homeowners. Kitchen and bath designs with bold, horizontal and vertical lines of color, and cabinetry accented by chrome fixtures and frosted glass inserts exude the beauty of an eternal motif.

Incorporating Technology


Connecting all of the ends of the world, technology is undeniably one of the most influential and continually-emerging pieces of our lives. Today's homes are integrating cabinetry details that can accommodate the way we live now. Through installing cabinets with built-in charging stations for electronics and creating beautiful in-home workspaces for laptops and tablets, the home is transformed to a functional, technological hub.

Industrial Materials

Cambridge black kitchen cabinets with industrial design elements

Exposed copper pipes, blackened and burnished materials and slabs of concrete aren't only for industrial spaces - they have began making their way into home interiors. With industrial options like faucets and cabinetry hardware in industrial-like metals or even mismatched handles, kitchens and baths can be transformed into a truly unique space.