cabinet finishing technique

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Cabinet Finishing Techniques

Details to savor

Adding charm and distinction to a design is as easy adding spices to your favorite savory dish. Choose the level of distressing that you desire, creating a relaxed and charming look that your family will love. 



A lightly distressed technique, featuring random wormholes, tiny dents and light signs of wear.

Reserve Plus

cabinet finishing technique

A more aggressive, random appearance of rasped corners and edges, wormholes, mars, splits, gouges, small dings and dents for a true authentic look.


cabinet finishing technique

Gently highlights the distinctive details of each cabinet; this technique creates a subtle, timeworn look with the softness of natural wear. The finish is lightly sanded through in places to create the effect.

Vintage Plus

cabinet finishing technique

An aggressively burnished sand through technique applied to corners and raised profiles, exposing the underlying wood.