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How can I make my home office look professional?

Zero Commute. Hero Style.

Starting your day without a stressful commute is good for your mind and soul. However, don’t let “relaxed” turn into “sloppy.” Being aware of sights and sounds helps you maintain a professional presence during the workday.



Does your home office sound like a kennel, garage band or day care? Consider absorbing noise with acoustic wall and ceiling panels, interior wall soundproofing, solid core doors, door sweeps, jib doors, carpet, area rugs, and soft furnishings.

Consider glass doors and glass walls when you want to reduce household noise yet still need sight lines.



Your Decora designer can help you choose and coordinate cabinet colors and wall colors that align with how you want to feel throughout the day, whether that’s energized, focused, calm, productive or creative.



If you get stressed about making artwork choices, it helps to remember that your choices are not permanent.

Video Backdrops


A neutral wall covering is an ideal video backdrop. Brick and wood creates visual interest without being distracting.

A mix of open and closed cabinetry creates an opportunity to showcase special items or favorite books, while also allowing for functional storage and areas to conceal clutter.