Della doors in various ceruse finishes

New Products

New Cabinet Finishes/Colors

Upping the Finish Game

With our new lineup of finishes/Colors, the sky is the limit! New paints, stains, glazes, and even a new matte sheen option round out our already robust finish offering, giving you endless options to create a space that is truly one of a kind.

Distance Paint


We continue the love story with a second blue-hued introduction – Distance Paint.  With slight warm undertones muted by a touch of gray, Distance is a beautiful neutral with amazing versatility. 

Naval Paint


What fuels America’s love affair with all things blue? Is it the parallel it draws to the calm, cool depths of the ocean, the vastness of the sky, the comfort of dusk? Whatever the reason, we just can’t get enough. Naval offers enough vibrancy to feel personal while still serving as a neutral. 

Fennec Stain


Fennec, a warm, medium brown stain with yellow undertones, is a perfectly neutral wood finish.

Shetland Stain


The medium red-brown tone of the Shetland stain brings a comforting warm feel to your home.  

Sumatra Stain


The rich, roasted brown tone of the Sumatra stain brings visions of dark chocolate to mind and provides a handsome solution for a dark wood tone preference.  

Coyote Stain


Subtle gray undertones give this warm, dark brown finish an updated appearance.

Tannery Stain


Tannery is a warm, dark brown finish with red undertones, a perfectly neutral standalone finish or beautiful when paired with your favorite contrasting paint.  

Matte Sheen


Matte Sheen is everywhere – from appliances and hardware to lipstick and nail polish! Now, Decora offers the same flexibility for our cabinet paints and stains.  A simple difference in top coat can really alter the appearance of a finish and is especially noticeable on medium to dark finishes, allowing for yet another layer of customization.  

Platinum Highlight


Available on any Maple Paint, our new Platinum highlight offers a color weight similar to Twilight, but with the cool, medium gray tones so prevalent in modern design. 

Coffee Highlight Expansion


We’ve removed design barriers by allowing Coffee highlights on Alder, Cherry, Maple, Rustic Alder and Walnut stains.

Espresso Highlight Expansion


Espresso highlights are also now available on Alder, Cherry, Maple, Rustic Alder and Walnut stains.