New Cabinetry

New Bathroom Cabinetry Products

Exciting Bathroom Style

Greet the day with meticulous organization, beautiful surfaces and design that makes you feel good. Let Decora ease your way with the very best in furniture for the bath, featuring nearly 200 new bathroom cabinetry products available in every style and finish, mixable to your heart's desire. You'll be ready to start a new project immediately! 

MarquCTeB3Bath Wall Hung Sink Vanity Cabinet

Try a modern look on for size. If minimalist is your style, our new Bath Wall Hung Sink Vanity cabinet, featuring a selectable combination of drawers and doors across the front, will be a perfect fit for your home.




DecVntyUDrwrCTeCU-Shaped Drawer

Making the most of limited space, many of our new bath products even feature a U-shaped drawer that fits around plumbing, for keeping every inch of available storage at your fingertips.




Bath mirror with pullouts for bathroom organization

Bath Mirror with Pullouts

Allow us to start your day with everything at your fingertips, yet skillfully tucked away inside our Bath Mirror with Pullouts for the remainder of the day, giving a brand new meaning to multi-tasking!

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ModesMCbB2Bath Sink Base Cabinet

Furniture-inspired cabinetry pieces feature unfettered lines with our new Bath Sink Base Cabinet that presents an upper storage drawer, fitted to clear plumbing, and two open shelves for storage or display.




ModesMCbB3Furniture Towers

Perfectly coordinated furniture-scaled towers add subtle detail and modern convenience, creating essential home furnishings for the bath.





DecMetalFootMCbHDecorative Foot

Just as the right shoe completes a look, adding a beautiful foot takes any bath design from simple to sublime.





TreybCMkEB2Double Drawer Vanity

Function reigns front and center by way of honest design and beautiful simplicity in the midst of our new bath collection components. Our Double Drawer Vanity offers maximum storage opportunities in a furniture inspired setting.




DecMirrorCMkEAMatching Mirror

Accentuate the obvious with a mirror designed to match your cabinetry in wood type and finish for perfect punctuation of your space.





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